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Landscaping Prairiewood
PrairieWood Transition Center

Service is the backbone of what the Rotary Club is about. Our service projects efforts are divided in the College Community School District and our local area communities.

Prairie Edge

Prairie Edge is the College Community's off-site school for students who have a severe behavior disability. The College Community School District leases space from Four Oaks to house the school. Students attend Edge based upon their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and the IEP teams decision that this level of support is in the student's best interest at this time.

Students attending Edge experience the same curriculum that is offered in the main campus school buildings. As students gain positive control over their behavioral choices they have the opportunity to integrate into a less restrictive program on the main campus. Many students over the years came to Prairie Edge struggling with their behaviors and have made excellent progress and returned to the main campus. To learn more visit

PrairieWood Transition Center

The College Community School District's Transition Center, Prairiewood, provides a unique community-based, post secondary learning program for students with disabilities who need additional specially designed instruction. The goal is to provide opportunities to assist young adults to reach their greatest level of independence in the areas of living, learning and working.

PrairieWood is located on the Kirkwood Community College campus which allows students to be educated and interact with nondisabled same age peers. The program is designed to serve students with mental and physical disabilities who have completed four years of high school, but still have unmet needs. To learn more visit

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